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A Brief Introduction to Thalassotherapy Thalassotherapy is an ancient healing methodology dating back more than 15,000 years. It is based on, the scientific understanding of the natural healing properties of the ocean. The word itself was coined in 19th century France from the Greek "thalassa" meaning sea and "therapeia" meaning healing. The first seaside thalassotherapy hospital was opened as far back as 1791 in Margate England, where they treated those with black lung, thyroid conditions, skin conditions, cholera and arthritis. In the mid 1800’s royalty and the rich & famous would travel to France to ‘take to the waters’ as it was known, experiencing a warmed ocean water bath with raw seaweeds. The actual thalassotherapy treatments themselves consist of layering raw ocean components; containing whole seaweeds, kelp water and sea salt over the body, allowing absorption of important vitamins and minerals in a chelated form, for the purpose of achieving mind, body balancing.

How It Works; The Benefits of Thalassotherapy...One of Thalassotherapy’s main resultants is to increase blood circulation. Very effective for those dealing with diabetes too. In our modern world our food is grown in soils that are reduced of vital minerals and so our bodies are not receiving the full spectrum of nutrients we require to thrive. Naturally stimulating the lymphatic system, helping to move out toxins, thalassotherapy is very effective in supporting detoxification. The chemical make-up of seawater was proven almost chemically identical to that of human blood plasma by Dr Rene Quinton of France in 1905. Immersions in seawater when heated to body temperature results in trace minerals and ions such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium sulphates to be absorbed directly by the skin into the bloodstream. This not only increases blood circulation but has beneficial effects upon the pores of the skin such as toning, anti-aging and moisturizing. Thalassotherapy also helps to nourish the body through our largest organ, our skin, as well as to relax the mind and bring the body in homeostasis or mind/body balance. 

Thalassotherapy today...

Today, thalassotherapy is used as an alternative treatment for medical conditions around the world including arthritis; where patients are given the prescription to walk along the ocean shores to breathe in the negative ions (aka: ocean air) and absorb the missing trace minerals the body needs. It is also a common treatment for skin/auto immune conditions such psoriasis, eczema or a neuron dermatitis. Because seaweeds contain 10-100X more vitamins & minerals than any plant on land. Seaweeds completely nourish the body during these treatments, often leaving one exhilarated, satisfied, almost satiated. Just like any nutritional program or upgrade in lifestyle, the more regular the treatments, the better and faster the results.

Thalassotherapy has become a favourite treatment for cellulite reduction both for its effectiveness as well as its calming approach. The causes of cellulite are generally attributed to poor blood circulation and a build-up of toxins, so an overall thalassotherapy treatment can release these agents while providing other benefits. Some of these benefits of thalassotherapy are muscle toningskin cleansing, weight loss aided by improved metabolism, improved cardiovascular functioning, boosting of the immune system, improvement of sleep quality, relief of the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, back and muscular pain, and stress reduction.

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Rene Quinton and his discovery
Short video clip about Rene Quinton and his discovery the Marine Plasma.

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