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Bringing to you mind, body, balancing - Sea-MInt Teas

PASSION > We are passionate about wellness and pursue to live each day as the best ever. With over 15 years experience working and training professionally in the spa industry in Aesthetics, Massage Therapy, Scalp & Foot therapies and our famous Thalassotherapy Treatments, 'little organic day spa' is fast becoming a perfect sanctuary for anyone looking for good energy and a private, relaxed environment.


A love story and journey of health, we met each other while living in Vancouver, BC. Working in the spa industry across Canada gave us the ability to meet and work with some very unique teachers and individuals, learning modalities that have been taught and practiced for centuries. Sharing similar philosophies, we embarked on our own discovery for better health and quality of life by learning about Canada's incredible resources and indigenous foods, such as seaweeds and sharing this information with every Canadian we come across. Through the years, we have adapted a very simple, yet healthy approach to life in Canada; eat local, eat organic and focus on raw ingredients inside and out. Our skin is your largest organ and the best way to take vitamins is directly through the skin. While Canada is blessed coast to coast with some of the worlds healthiest and fastest growing 'plants' though seaweed is not a plant, it's an algae. Seaweeds can feed your body with every nutrient needed in a perfect synergystic balance for a healthy mind and body. We ourselves so enjoy taking the thalassotherapy treatments and that's why we are so glad to share with everyone. Deep relaxation of mind and body can be assured in every thalassotherapy treatment.

Through the Quality Assurance Programme at the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, CANSO spa group offers Thalassotherapy Training for Continuing Education Units for RMT's and is dedicated to working and improving the spa & retail wellness industry here in Canada.

Ria Holmgren
After years of personal coaching & working as a consultant in the spa’s health & wellness industry, Ria enjoys training Aestheticians, Registered Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, Reflexologists, Chiropractors and others in the field of wellness about the natural powers of the ocean properties and the ability to help the body to heal. Additionally Ria handles all of the Marketing for Little Organic Thalassotherapy Spa and assistance with finding the best program for our clients. She is passionate about the many benefits of Thalassotherapy and the body's natural power to heal.

Rod Mulholland

Rod’s formal training and experience comes from his studies in science at the University of Victoria & Camosun College in chemistry, physics, Massage Therapy and 5 years in Canada training spa therapists, Aestheticians, Registered Massage Therapists, ND's & MD's in Thalassotherapy. Rod continues to research and collect scientific data of how thalassotherapy has been used historically and today. Rod is available for: Back Therapies, Thalasso-Massage, Leg Therapies, Cellulite Treatments, Hand Therapies and Foot Therapies.