Bringing to you mind, body, balancing - Thalassotherapy Courses
Bringing to you mind, body, balancing - Sea-MInt Teas

August, 2017

Professional Training Course in Thalassotherapy

LEVEL ONE - Introduction to Thalassotherapy:
A captivating (6) hour course introducing you to the deep history of ocean therapy and an ancient therapeutic method of healing that is now available in Canada. Learn about how to bring the body back to homeostasis and how this can help with your treatments and programs. Learn about NEW modalities and techniques such as authentic Thalasso- Massage, Body Wraps, Leg Therapies, Cellulite Treatments and home care programs too. Treat your clients holistically and healthfully, understanding full knowledge of how the ocean can help the body to heal.

Thalassotherapy is an ancient healing treatment dating back over 15000 years, and is based on, the now proven scientific fact of, the natural healing properties of seawater. The word itself was coined in 19th century France from the Greek "thalassa" meaning sea and "therapeia" meaning healing. In the mid 1800’s royalty and the rich & famous would travel to France to ‘take to the waters’ as it was known, experiencing a warmed ocean water bath with raw seaweed. Today, thalassotherapy is used as an alternative treatment for medical conditions around the world treating, arthritis, psoriasis & eczema and has become a popular tourist attraction for relaxation and stress reduction as well as a favorite method of anti-aging healing by maintaining healthy circulation in the body.

A Brief Introduction to Thalassotherapy

How it Works:

Thalassotherapy’s main objective is to bring balance while reducing inflammation & pain in soft tissue. Increase in blood circulation is highly increased. Great for those with comprised circulation due to diabetes.Since the chemical make-up of seawater is so similar to that of human blood, minerals and vitamins found in raw seaweed such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium sulphates allowing to be easily absorbed directly by the skin into the bloodstream. This not only increases blood circulation but has beneficial effects upon the pores of the skin such as toning and moisturizing. Thalassotherapy also helps to detoxify and nourish the body through our largest organ, our skin, as well as to relax and bring the body in homeostasis or balance.