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Bringing to you mind, body, balancing - Sea-MInt Teas

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All therapies are performed holistically, using non-invasive procedures and the ancient practice of thalassotherapy; layering whole, raw seaweed-based ingredients and aromatherapy from 100% pure essential oils to induce homeostasis; mind, body balancing. Used for centuries to help treat chronic conditions such as arthritis, edema, inflammation and other auto-immune conditions. Seaweeds carry over 60 bio-available minerals with 10-100 times more nutrients as found in plants growing on land including high amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine, all in a form the body utilizes for optimal health.

All products used are manufactured in Canada with the emphasis on organic ingredients. No products contain synthetic ingredients, including parabens, petrolatum, sulfates or formaldehydes. All scents are from 100% pure essential oils. No parfum/perfume/fragrances. For ALL skin types, including sensitive.


The Royal Thalasso Treatment ~ 110min

Popularized with Royal families of Europe during the mid-1800's, Thalassotherapy treatments are deeply relaxing, rejuvenating while nourishing the whole body. This treatment, including a full body Thalasso-Massage, hydrating mini thalasso-facial & thalasso-scalp treatment, is highly detoxifying & therapeutic. Utilizing raw macrocystis kelp, sea-salt & warm kelp water you are covered from head to toe in raw organic ocean goodness. Gently stimulating the lymphatic system, while feeding the body with vital bio-available nutrients including iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium & phyto-hormones. Helps improve circulation, relaxes muscles & tension, leaving skin feeling very smooth, hydrated and calmed. Recommended for anyone looking for that spa-euphoric feeling of total rejuvenation. Beneficial for chronic conditions including; arthritis, neuropathy, eczema, psoriasis, thyroidism & edema.
 ~ $160 each -  PACKAGES AVAILABLE


Body Cocoon Wrap & Thalasso-Massage ~ 90 min

A nourishing whole body detoxifying treatment; highly therapeutic, it stimulates & targets lymphatic ducts eliminating toxins, while feeding it with vital nutrients including iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium. Includes a full thalassotherapy body wrap, warming foot scrub plus a rejuvenating scalp massage; wrapped in one. Helps improve circulation, relaxes muscles, leaving skin texture very smooth, hydrated and calmed. Recommended for anyone looking for that spa-euphoric feeling. Beneficial for chronic conditions of arthritis, neuropathy, eczema, psoriasis, thyroidism or edema. ~ 

$115 / 90min 

Thalasso-Massage Full Body Treatment ~ 75 min

A unique full body massage using raw organic macrocystis seaweed and glacial clay. These ocean components relax muscles immediately  while inflammation is reduced. Recommended for those suffering from overall aches and pains, chronic tension, arthritis, bursitis, poor circulation and as a recovery program for athletes ~ $100

Neck, Back & Shoulder Thalasso-Massage 
~ 45 or 60 minutes

This massage is designed to reduce muscle tension & promote a general sense of well being. Performed by a skilled body therapist, this unique treatment uses layers of raw ocean components to help re-mineralize and induce mind, body, balance. 
~ $75 or $90

Thalassotherapy Cellulite Treatment ~ 45 min

Targets cellulite where we collect it most, the buns & back of thighs; helping to firm and improve skin tone & texture. After a gentle exfoliation to stimulate circulation, we layer skin with a raw kelp firming mask. A special massage technique is used to help release fatty toxins & smooth skin. You will FEEL the difference in one treatment. 
~ $70 TREATMENT SERIES OF (3) $159


Mineral Boost Restorative Facial Treatment ~ 50min

Remineralizing, Firming, Balancing, Toning and Hydrating! Fantastic for: All skin types including sensitive skin! Utilizing whole macrocystis this Thalasso-facial treatment leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Also includes Glacial Restorative Hand Treatment
~ $89 / 50 min 



Euphoria' Thalasso-Scalp & Hair Treatment 
~ 20 min

A very relaxing ADD-ON SERVICE to any regular treatment. Including a relaxing massage of the scalp using therapeutic raw and cold-pressed liquid macrocystis kelp. Full of healing vitamins and minerals including unique compounds such as alginate, this treatment is very volumizing for your hair too. Treating the scalp, upper neck and jaw. Very relaxing and excellent for sensitive conditions of the scalp (20min) 
~ ADD-ON only $45


Hydrating Thalasso-Facial Mini Treatment ~ 15min

A very relaxing ADD-ON service including a non-invasive raw kelp facial massage using therapeutic raw macrocystis kelp & hydrating Hydra Gel Mask and Glacial Revitalizing Mist with a warm towel removal. Excellent for sensitive skin conditions 
~ ADD-ON only $45

Hydrating Thalasso-EyeTreatment ~ 10min
ADD-ON service utilizing raw kelp over the eyes and on the skin. Reduces puffiness, firms, tones, great for tired eyes Excellent for sensitive skin conditions 
~ ADD-ON only $25


'Walkin on Air' Holistic Leg Therapy ~ 45 min

This treatment includes a re-mineralizing mask making using ancient methods of layering and massage techniques to invigorate and help reduce pain and inflammation where needed most. Recommended for those suffering from tired, achy, swollen feet, sore legs or poor circulation ~ $70

'Soothe Your Sole' - Thalasso Foot Therapy 
~ 30 min

This thalasso treatment is designed for sore or swollen feet. This treatment can be stimulating to the lymphatic system, allowing circulation & balance to increase, while reducing inflammation & pain. Utilizing raw ocean components, helping to alleviate soreness, aches and pains while decreasing healing time. Great for diabetics or those with comprised circulation ~ $50

Reflexology of the Feet

Thalasso-Reflexology Treatment 75min
This relaxing and enjoyable Reflexology treatment of the feet includes an ocean kelp foot soak, salt-glow and glacial clay foot scrub! ~ $75

Thalasso-Reflexology Treatment 60min

This relaxing and enjoyable Reflexology treatment of the feet includes an ocean kelp foot soak, salt-glow and glacial clay foot scrub! ~ $60


'Healing Hands' Nourishing Treatment ~ 30 min

Unwind, while your hands are treated to a nourishing thalassotherapy hand treatment to hydrate and revitalize skin where it needs it most. Excellent for circulation and those suffering from edema or inflammation. Raw, ocean therapies soothe redness and itching, while restoring flexibility in joints. Recommended for dry, rough, cracked, sensitive & aging skin. ~ $50

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