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Iodine Supplement

Since we useraw macrocystis kelpourspa treatmentsclients ask about iodine supplementation. Please see below the entire unedited article first published, Friday, June 3, 2016 9:14:02 AM America/Denver and titled, Best Use of Iodine Supplement, by Abbey from Hakala Research. It gives a broad outline of what doctors support it's use and supplementation as well a brief history on it's origins in medicine. The article also mentions the minimum dosage of 12.5mg being closely related to the average Japanese personal intake of 13.

The Science of Fats

The Science of Fats
All fats are composed of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms.  Basically, an atom is like a miniature sun, called the nucleus, which is made of protons and neutrons.  Orbiting around this miniature son are electrons that are like the planets, always staying in the same orbit/distance from the nucleus.   There may be more than one electron in the same ring circling the nucleus. Everything on earth and in the universe is made up of atoms.  There are different types of atoms, called elements, 90 of which occur in nature.

Introduction to Thalassotherapy

Utilized for more than 5,000 years, the ocean has been recognized for its healing properties by cultures situated near the ocean. The father of modern medicine Hippocrates used to tell his patients to walk along the ocean for assistance with respiratory and/or digestive problems. The ocean has been deemed as the place to heal for centuries, trans-dermally absorbing important trace minerals through the largest organ, skin, and breathing the healing iodine as it’s carried with the air molecule into the lungs. While the ocean contains all of the physiologically substances required for survival, the connection to the history of our health has been taught and practiced for thousands of years.

What a thalassotherapy experience can do is help to increase well-being in a person, by allowing the body to be nourished in a cosmic womb of raw ocean super food ingredients that promote healthy development of vibrant cells; resulting in a calmer more balanced state, called homeostasis and otherwise known as mind/body balancing. The nervous system feels calmer, respiratory system and cardiac system in your body flow with a primordial beat that is echoed by the sense of well being experienced in your mind.

Thalassotherapy involves the layering of raw ocean components; containing whole seaweeds, ocean water and ocean minerals over the body, allowing absorption of important vitamins and minerals in a chelated form. Adding in aromatherapy using pure essential oils, of course, will only enhance the entire experience. Look for uplifting, calming & clearing aspects in your aromatherapy, so there is a synchronicity.   All in all, it truly is a treatment to be experienced as it is hard to describe the sensation unless you have achieved it once before.

Achieving Radiant Skin over the Age of 40

Like most teens I thought I battled my skin; I didn't do much to help it along, but it was always a concern for me throughout my teens and well into my adulthood. In fact, my skin became more challenging once I hit 30, but in different ways from my youth. I no longer understood what was making the tone so uneven or the texture not as soft and the blemishes that would show up unannounced in the most inconvenient places, smack dab in the middle of my face! It was only until I managed to understand the connection between my skin and the rest of my body that I was able to finally achieve some balance between the both.

Seaweed Treatments for Thyroid


The complexity of many presenting thyroid dysfunction cases precludes a simple set of all-purpose formulas. Each one of my thyroid patients has a personally unique thyroid presentation. I try to compose an individualized functional treatment plan for each, using a few basic methods. Diet and behaviour modification also are very important in thyroid case management. What follows are some of my treatment approaches and some general guidelines and notes:

1. Rather uncomplicated seaweed therapy seems to help relieve many of the presenting symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. Some of the results are very likely from whole body remineralization (especially potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, chromium, selenium, vanadium etc.) in addition to thyroid gland aid from both sustained regular reliable dietary sources of biomolecular iodine and from thyroxin-like molecules present in marine algae, both the large edible seaweeds and their almost ubiquitous epiphytic microalgae, predominantly the silica-walled diatoms. Seaweeds provide ample supplies of most of the essential trace elements required for adequate enzyme functioning throughout the body but especially in the liver and endocrine glands.

2. Regular biomolecular seaweed iodine consumption is more than just thyroid food: it can also protect the thyroid gland from potential resident iodine-131-induced molecular disruption and cell death when the thyroid gland is fully iodized with iodine-127. The fear of eating seaweed which might be contaminated with iodine-131 is easily mitigated by allowing the seaweed to be stored for 50 days prior to dietary consumption; this will give enough time for most (99%) of any Iodine-131 to radioactively decay. A simple folk test for iodine deficiency or at least aggressive iodine uptake, is to paint a 2 inch diameter round patch of USP Tincture of Iodine (strong or mild) on a soft skin area such as the inner upper arm, the inside of the elbow, the inner thigh, or the lateral abdomen between the lowest rib and the top of the hip. If you are iodine deficient, the patch will disappear in less than two hours, sometimes as quickly as 20 minutes; if it fades in 2-4 hours, you may just be momentarily iodine needy. If it persists for more than 4 hours, your are probably iodine sufficient. Iodine deficiency seems to predispose to thyroid malignancy; this could explain the apparent thyroid cancer distribution


Bladderwrack is a safe alternative to GMO soy to support women's health

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus), a brown seaweed similar to kelp, gets its name from the air sacs that keep the plant afloat in cold sea water. 

Bladderwrack is a great plant source of iodine thatis essential for the human body, but the body cannot make on its own. Iodine is needed for the thyroid gland to do its job. Without iodine, the thyroid cannot produce enough hormones. This is especially important in women's health because one of the consequences of an under-performing thyroid is the inability to ovulate. In pregnancy, low thyroid function can cause high blood pressure in the mother and impaired mental function in the baby.

Iodine is also used to treat fibrocystic breast disease in women, which is a leading cause of breast cancer. According to a 2004 study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Bladderwrack performs similarly to soy in the regulation of female sex hormones. Because of this, Bladderwrack can be considered a safe alternative to GMO soy to support women's health.

Bladderwrack reduces cholesterol and regulates sex hormones in women at risk for estrogen-related cancers

In 2004, scientists explored why women in Western cultures developed estrogen-related cancers at a faster rate than women in Eastern cultures. The scientists supposed that the much higher rate of seaweed consumption in Asian countries may offer an explanation. The researchers knew that Bladderwrack and other seaweeds reduced blood cholesterol levels. They also knew that lower cholesterol levels helped regulate sex hormone levels in women. The scientists decided to test whether Bladderwrack, a common part of the Asian woman's diet, helped to regulate women's monthly menstrual cycles and balance female sex hormones. In particular, the researchers wanted to find out if Bladderwrack and kelp in general would be of benefit to women who were at risk for estrogen-related cancers and other diseases.

When women of child-bearing age with a history of menstrual problems and very light and short menstrual cycles increased their consumption of Bladderwrack, they noticed that their monthly periods were considerably longer. Among women at risk for estrogen-related cancers, a daily dose of 1.4 g (about one-fourth teaspoon) of Bladderwrack significantly lowered estrogen levels and increased progesterone levels. Progesterone is the female sex hormone which prepares the lining of the uterus for a fertilized egg every month. Without a healthy level of progesterone, a woman cannot conceive and sustain a pregnancy.

Could Bladderwrack replace soy to promote women's health?

Major concerns over GMO soy produced in the U.S. have many women looking for safe alternatives to soy that promote women's health. Additionally, Bladderwrack may also help women with weight loss if weight gain is related to thyroid issues. It does this because iodine stimulates the thyroid gland to help regulate metabolism.

Bladderwrack is an antioxidant, which reduces free radicals known to trigger breast cancer cell growth. As demonstrated above, Bladderwrack does appear to regulate female sex hormones in a similar manner to soy. The seaweed can be considered as a safe replacement for soy products.

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Strengthen Your Immune System with Iodine

If you would like to have a strong and complete immune system, and who wouldn't, you need to include the essential mineral iodine.  When a person has become ‘iodine sufficient’ iodine is stored, for immune system health, in some of our most important organs including our; skin, liver, kidneys, lung tissue, heart, thyroid gland, breasts, ovaries, prostate & brain.  Since iodine is a fat soluble mineral and not very water soluble, the water soluble version of iodine is commonly found as potassium-iodide or calcium-iodide and the best source is brown seaweed known as kelp.

Seaweeds contain 100,000 times the concentration of iodine found in sea salt
Many understand the importance of vitamin C to stay healthy & immune strong and since vitamin C is water soluble, many people regularly consume 1000mg – 6000mg range to combat colds, flu's, infections since it’s easily flushed from our bodies.  Since iodine is fat soluble it's able to stay in the body longer, absorbed by our organs and hence to do it's work as an anti-bacterial, anti-pathogenic extraordinaire.
Iodine's strong pathogenic expertise is very apparent in the work of the lymphatic system, where the lymph is collected with all the mutated cells, virus's, bacteria and disposed into our waste system.   Dr. Brownstein says of iodine,

Dr Brownstein's 4th Edition: Iodine; Why You Need it Why You Cannot Live Without itIodine is a strong detoxifying agent in our bodies for bromine, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, aluminum, arsenic & cadmium, which are absorbed & stored in receptor cells throughout the body.  Since the main function of the lymphatic system is detoxification, it also plays a large role in maintaining a strong immune system by moving out these toxins from our bodies.

Iodide combines in the body with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to form elemental iodine, which has broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic & anti-cancer functionality in the lymph nodes.  Most brown seaweeds are high in healing iodide & contain almost every bio-available vitamin & mineral that our bodies require, including many healing polysaccharide sugars, all our essential amino-acids and Omega 3,5,6 & 9.   Since our skin absorbs into our bloodstream up to 70% or more of what we put next to it, it's interesting to see the ability of the seaweed to increase blood flow in the body while allowing a greater detoxification to occur which results in a stronger immune system too.

Replenishing Vital Nutrients Lost During Pregnancy

Women in Korea are taught at a very young age about their biological connection to the ocean; that the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby in mommy's tummy is the same as ocean water.  During their pregnancy, it is tradition to rub seaweeds or place pieces of seaweeds, specifically Alaria kelp, across their bellies so they can absorb the nutrients that are so important for fetal development.  As the fetal brain requires twice as much iodine for proper brain development as a healthy woman and here in North America most women are 100 to 1000 times deficient in this essential mineral and don't even know it.  It is known that a baby or person with lower levels of iodine in their body/brain develop a condition called 'Cretinism', which is associated with a lower level of intelligence or IQ. After childbirth it's tradition, even today in Korea, that the mother-in-law makes the new mother seaweed soup called Miyeok Guk. It is actually called 'Birthday Soup' and they have it every year for their birthday. However during the 100 days after birth, the soup is eaten by the new mother at every meal, to replenish the nutrients lost to the baby during gestation.  In North America, most women don't know about iodine or replenishing nutrients lost during childbirth and therefore develop conditions like thyroidism, eczema, anemia & baby brain. We're lucky to have the best seaweeds in the world here in Canada & the US to use and it's a tradition we're yet to start practicing.

NOTE: Iodine was the 1st mineral classified as 'essential for life' and yet most health journals, periodicals or books don't even mention it's existence. Especially since iodine was used to treat Goitre (hyperthyroidism) since the 11th century in Traditional Chinese Medicine and by MD's prior to the advent of prescription drugs in medicine in the 50's. Living here in Ontario, known as the Goitre Belt since the 1920's, it's a good place to know this!

RECIPE: Miyeok Guk (Korean Birthday Soup)

Ingredients: 1 oz dried miyeok (Alaria Seaweeds/yields about 2 cups soaked) 
10 mussels/10 beef strips (optional) 
1-2 med. organic onions 
1 cup shredded organic carrots 
2 minced organic garlic 
6 cups water 
1 tablespoon soy sauce (Braggs Liquid Aminos) 
1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil* 
1-2 tablespoons Extra/Virgin Coconut Oil 
1 tablespoon unpasteurized lemon juice or fresh squeezed organic lemon 
Sea salt to taste 
Ground pepper to taste 
(*Do not substitute. Sesame oil is a key ingredient in authentic miyeok guk. It adds a nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness when it blends with miyeok.)  

Soak the dried Alaria seaweeds for about 30 minutes (in enough water to cover them). Rinse and drain. Soak again in water and lemon juice. Let stand another 15 minutes. Rinse 2 or 3 times, squeezing or kneading after each rinse (as if you are working with bread dough) to remove excess salt used in the drying process and rinse off any hidden sand. Drain well and cut with scissors, into bite sizes.  

In a large pot, sauté the onions, carrots, sesame oil, soy sauce and garlic for 4 to 5 minutes over medium heat. Add the seaweeds and saute for 5 more minutes. Add more coconut oil if needed. Add water and bring it to a boil. Lower the heat to medium/low and boil for 20-30 minutes. 
If using mussels, drop them in. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Boil for an additional 5 minutes.  

Beef variation: You can make the broth first and add the sautéed miyeok (seaweed) and then boil for 15 minutes over medium heat.  For the quicker version, cut the beef into thin bite size pieces and sauté with the miyeok. Add water and boil for 20 minutes over medium heat.

Makes 4-5 servings

Benefits of drinking organic seaweed tea

Lugol's Solution - aka 'The Universal Medicine'

We see alot of people in the spa each week & we try to share some healthy 'new' information around seaweeds & iodine with everyone.  Since there is alot to learn about supplementing with Lugol's Solution, this is a primer to get you started in the right direction & once you understand the basics, it's very safe & effective to use.  After moving to Ontario in 2007 from British Columbia, we were surprised to learn that this area has a nickname that relates to Iodine deficiency, it's called the 'Goiter Belt'.