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Lugol's Solution - aka 'The Universal Medicine'

We see alot of people in the spa each week & we try to share some healthy 'new' information around seaweeds & iodine with everyone.  Since there is alot to learn about supplementing with Lugol's Solution, this is a primer to get you started in the right direction & once you understand the basics, it's very safe & effective to use.  After moving to Ontario in 2007 from British Columbia, we were surprised to learn that this area has a nickname that relates to Iodine deficiency, it's called the 'Goiter Belt'.  Geographically, the Goiter Belt extends to the Provinces & States that are away from the ocean.  Typically ocean minerals will be higher in soil concentrations that are closer to the ocean, as the ocean minerals will travel a few hundred kilometers in the airstream to deposit into the soil. 
The history & widespread use of Iodine, Lugol's Solution in the medical community dates back to the early 1800's.  Iodine was first discovered in 1811 by Bernard Courtois, a French Chemist working for Napoleon making gunpowder. Since on embargoes on France by England at that time prevented the shipment of saltpeter(potassium nitrate), which was utilized in the making of gunpowder, the French began to collect seaweed from their shores, being a great source of potassium and sodium salts. It took only 8 years for the medical community to begin to utilize the newly classified, naturally occurring element. It was a Swiss physician, J.F. Coindet who hypothesized that the active ingredient in Sea Sponge, that he was currently using to treat hyperthyroidism(goiter), was in fact iodine. In 1820, Coindet published the outstanding results he achieved with his hyperthyroid patients while using 250mg doses of iodine, very large by today's standards.
Physicians today would be surprised to learn that their predecessors described iodine as the 'Universal Medicine' and was used to treat conditions from asthma, paralysis, bronchitis and croup to staphylococcus infection. In fact it was utilized for every case that resisted routine practice. Nobel Laureate Albert Szent Györgyi, the Hungarian physician who discovered Vitamin C in 1928 commented saying, “When I was a medical student, iodine in the form of KI was the universal medicine. Nobody knew what it did, but it did something and did something good. We students used to sum up the situation in this little rhyme:
If ye don’t know where, what, and why, Prescribe ye then K and I.

Potassium Iodide (10%) & elemental Iodine(5%)  with distilled water are the ingredients found in Lugol's Solution and this is known as 5% Solution or Strong Solution.   Dr. Lugol developed this solution in 1823 and made it available to the public in 1829. Here's a link to some more Iodine information - Enjoy your health!

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Thank for your information on natural treatments. I am happy to to find this.:)
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