Achieving Radiant Skin over the Age of 40
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Achieving Radiant Skin over the Age of 40

Like most teens I thought I battled my skin; I didn't do much to help it along, but it was always a concern for me throughout my teens and well into my adulthood. In fact, my skin became more challenging once I hit 30, but in different ways from my youth. I no longer understood what was making the tone so uneven or the texture not as soft and the blemishes that would show up unannounced in the most inconvenient places, smack dab in the middle of my face! It was only until I managed to understand the connection between my skin and the rest of my body that I was able to finally achieve some balance between the both.

Good Food is Food for Skin:
I always ask anyone that comes in for a facial about the types of fats they eat. Its kind of a loaded question because half of them are proud they stay away from fats while the others are all about the fats. You can tell this by their lines or should I say lack of lines. Best way to keep skin hydrated is from the inside out, starting with good fats. Our cells rely on FAT to properly function, assimilate vitamins and minerals and keep free radicals from breaking down our immune system. A poor immune system always shows up on the face at some point. This is why most up-to-date and educated ND's tend to look at the overall body; testing eyes, skin & muscle testing; the buoyancy or lack of buoyancy tells a lot about the hydration of the body and hydration is key. Good FATS hydrate the cells, not water, as what we are taught by most the nutritionists. Water assists the body with hydration as it helps to move unwanted materials/toxins through and out, so the body can do what it needs to do to balance itself. Real simple - I usually end up comparing our skin to the earth. ; just like when the earth needs rain, it is not the rain that actually hydrates alone, water helps to move toxins from the soil and assist the roots to soak up the minerals that are already present in the soil. You can take the most desolate garden with out any thought of beauty, throw in a bunch of minerals and goodness and watch it bloom months later. Any good gardener knows this. That is the summary of how quick you can turn around your skin, simply by feeding it properly with good fats and helping to flush out anything unwanted with a glass of pure water.

Recommended Good FATS and Hydrating Foods To Eat:
  • Organic Extra virgin / virgin coconut oil
  • Organic Avocados (although non organic is also okay - these fruits are safe)
  • Organic low-acid Olive oils
  • Rice bran oils
  • Raw, organic, dairy (cheese/yoghurt/milk)
  • Raw / unpasteurized honey (natural humectant; draws moisture to surface of skin)
  • Unprocessed / Unbleached sea salt (hydrates cells and feeds with trace minerals required)
  • Alkalizing foods like green-leafy vegetables and of course, whole, organic SEAWEEDS!

Recommended Skincare Ingredients:
What to recommend or what to avoid more like it. So many conventional brands out there use everything but natural ingredients. And because of the de-regulation of ingredients in cosmetics we are left to our own education to figure it all out. Bottom-line, avoid all cosmetic counters.

Here is a quick tip list of what to AVOID in skincare:
  • Parabens (synthetic preservatives found in Breast Cancer tissue in the 90's but still legal in North America to use in cosmetics AND food?!)
  • SLS / sodium lauryl sulfates / sodium laureth sulfates (aka foaming agents)
  • FD&C Dyes (any colours that are not natural are usually derived synthetically. Don't be fooled by a label that says 'natural food dyes' - they are technically allowed to state this, but its far from natural - trust me.
  • Alcohol - used in 99% of the skincare products found on the market and including organic skincare. Alcohol comes in many forms but you just know it from its name, ending in 'hol' to avoid it! It dries the skin inside and out and is probably one of the biggest 'agers' of any cosmetics simply because of the volume found in each.
  • Mineral oil - derived from petrol-chemicals. I don't think I would need to explain much more on this but you don't want to put petrol-chemicals in your body anyhow!
  • Fragrance/Parfum/Natural fragrance - all of it is not natural - always look for the pure essential oil derivative.

Look for organic at all times when it comes to skincare, but mostly read your labels - if there are no ingredients - do not use it on your skin at all.

What to look for on LABELS:
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Certified Organic
  • Wild-harvested
  • Wild-crafted
  • Free of...DYES, Petrochemicals, Parabens, SLS, alcohol, synthetic ingredients like mineral oils or artificial fragrances
  • preferably packaged in GLASS
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Recyclable packaging

All in all - the skin you are in today will reflect everything you put into it and onto it later on. Judge your skin by the cover, absolutely! You are everything you eat AND put on your skin; invest wisely:)

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