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Introduction to Thalassotherapy

Utilized for more than 5,000 years, the ocean has been recognized for its healing properties by cultures situated near the ocean. The father of modern medicine Hippocrates used to tell his patients to walk along the ocean for assistance with respiratory and/or digestive problems. The ocean has been deemed as the place to heal for centuries, trans-dermally absorbing important trace minerals through the largest organ, skin, and breathing the healing iodine as it’s carried with the air molecule into the lungs. While the ocean contains all of the physiologically substances required for survival, the connection to the history of our health has been taught and practiced for thousands of years.

What a thalassotherapy experience can do is help to increase well-being in a person, by allowing the body to be nourished in a cosmic womb of raw ocean super food ingredients that promote healthy development of vibrant cells; resulting in a calmer more balanced state, called homeostasis and otherwise known as mind/body balancing. The nervous system feels calmer, respiratory system and cardiac system in your body flow with a primordial beat that is echoed by the sense of well being experienced in your mind.

Thalassotherapy involves the layering of raw ocean components; containing whole seaweeds, ocean water and ocean minerals over the body, allowing absorption of important vitamins and minerals in a chelated form. Adding in aromatherapy using pure essential oils, of course, will only enhance the entire experience. Look for uplifting, calming & clearing aspects in your aromatherapy, so there is a synchronicity.   All in all, it truly is a treatment to be experienced as it is hard to describe the sensation unless you have achieved it once before.

Achieving Radiant Skin over the Age of 40

Like most teens I thought I battled my skin; I didn't do much to help it along, but it was always a concern for me throughout my teens and well into my adulthood. In fact, my skin became more challenging once I hit 30, but in different ways from my youth. I no longer understood what was making the tone so uneven or the texture not as soft and the blemishes that would show up unannounced in the most inconvenient places, smack dab in the middle of my face! It was only until I managed to understand the connection between my skin and the rest of my body that I was able to finally achieve some balance between the both.