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Iodine Supplement

Since we useraw macrocystis kelpourspa treatmentsclients ask about iodine supplementation. Please see below the entire unedited article first published, Friday, June 3, 2016 9:14:02 AM America/Denver and titled, Best Use of Iodine Supplement, by Abbey from Hakala Research. It gives a broad outline of what doctors support it's use and supplementation as well a brief history on it's origins in medicine. The article also mentions the minimum dosage of 12.5mg being closely related to the average Japanese personal intake of 13.

Strengthen Your Immune System with Iodine

If you would like to have a strong and complete immune system, and who wouldn't, you need to include the essential mineral iodine.  When a person has become ‘iodine sufficient’ iodine is stored, for immune system health, in some of our most important organs including our; skin, liver, kidneys, lung tissue, heart, thyroid gland, breasts, ovaries, prostate & brain.  Since iodine is a fat soluble mineral and not very water soluble, the water soluble version of iodine is commonly found as potassium-iodide or calcium-iodide and the best source is brown seaweed known as kelp.

Seaweeds contain 100,000 times the concentration of iodine found in sea salt
Many understand the importance of vitamin C to stay healthy & immune strong and since vitamin C is water soluble, many people regularly consume 1000mg – 6000mg range to combat colds, flu's, infections since it’s easily flushed from our bodies.  Since iodine is fat soluble it's able to stay in the body longer, absorbed by our organs and hence to do it's work as an anti-bacterial, anti-pathogenic extraordinaire.
Iodine's strong pathogenic expertise is very apparent in the work of the lymphatic system, where the lymph is collected with all the mutated cells, virus's, bacteria and disposed into our waste system.   Dr. Brownstein says of iodine,

Dr Brownstein's 4th Edition: Iodine; Why You Need it Why You Cannot Live Without itIodine is a strong detoxifying agent in our bodies for bromine, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, aluminum, arsenic & cadmium, which are absorbed & stored in receptor cells throughout the body.  Since the main function of the lymphatic system is detoxification, it also plays a large role in maintaining a strong immune system by moving out these toxins from our bodies.

Iodide combines in the body with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to form elemental iodine, which has broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic & anti-cancer functionality in the lymph nodes.  Most brown seaweeds are high in healing iodide & contain almost every bio-available vitamin & mineral that our bodies require, including many healing polysaccharide sugars, all our essential amino-acids and Omega 3,5,6 & 9.   Since our skin absorbs into our bloodstream up to 70% or more of what we put next to it, it's interesting to see the ability of the seaweed to increase blood flow in the body while allowing a greater detoxification to occur which results in a stronger immune system too.

Lugol's Solution - aka 'The Universal Medicine'

We see alot of people in the spa each week & we try to share some healthy 'new' information around seaweeds & iodine with everyone.  Since there is alot to learn about supplementing with Lugol's Solution, this is a primer to get you started in the right direction & once you understand the basics, it's very safe & effective to use.  After moving to Ontario in 2007 from British Columbia, we were surprised to learn that this area has a nickname that relates to Iodine deficiency, it's called the 'Goiter Belt'.